about me

I originally wanted to be a writer but moved on to painting when I found that I didn't have any stories to tell. I went to art school and filled my home with large canvases. When there was no room left I switched to printmaking and working with small bits of paper. Now, after finding a few stories, I am working in book arts and am able to do a little of everything and am enjoying connecting the circle back to the writing.

I am also a graphic designer and run the creative firm Kring Design Studio.

in progress

In Progress


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Lots of holiday sales coming up so I have been busy printing new cards and a new calendar as well as finishing up some new book projects. I will have a table at the Book Arts Jam on October 18th. I will be at the San Francisco Center for the Book's Annual Holiday Fair on November 22. I'll also be at Norma's Annual Open House and Studio Sale (December 2 at 1584 LeRoy Avenue, Berkeley, 11am to 3pm).

I recently completed 100 copies of The Hunter and The Bear for the San Francisco Center for the Book's Imprint Program. it was a great experience and the book came out very well. You can see pictures on the website and purcase copies from me here.

Kring Design Studio is an Oakland-based creative firm with a focus on web and print design. Our specialty is developing marketing communications that are custom tailored to achieve our clients goals. View recent projects.