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I originally wanted to be a writer but moved on to painting when I found that I didn't have any stories to tell. I went to art school and filled my home with large canvases. When there was no room left I switched to printmaking and working with small bits of paper. Now, after finding a few stories, I am working in book arts and am able to do a little of everything and am enjoying connecting the circle back to the writing.

I am also a graphic designer and run the creative firm Kring Design Studio.

in progress

In Progress


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Lots going on! Currently I have an etching in Sky: A National Juried Exhibition at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek CA. I also have my latest piece, Sea Monster, in "The Printed Page" at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver. Insecta will be in the San Diego Book Arts Juried show in the Geisel Library, University of California, San Diego, May 4­June 22, 2014. And then June 21 through September 6, Sea Monster will be in the Pacifc Center for Book Arts Member's show, Bookworks, at the San Francisco Public Library.

In addition to the above gallery shows, I will have a table at the Bay Area Printers' Fair & Wayzgoose on May 17th. I am looking forward to this because it is a chance to bring out my things and watch people react and interact with them. I am hoping to finish a small book called, "The Fly that Dreamed of Being a Man", a small book colaboration with a friend.

And lastly but definately mostly, the San Francisco Center for the Book recently invited me to submit a proposal to the Imprint Publications Small Plates program. I did and they accepted it so now I need to get busy making the books. It will be a lot of work but very fun and it is great to be a part of the Center where I originally learned printing and platemaking. The show announcing the release of the book, along with the books of two other selected book artists, will be in June or July. Check back for more details.

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